Awarding ceremony

Picture of Federica Rescio
Awarding ceremony
by Federica Rescio - Sunday, 13 May 2018, 11:12 AM

The awarding ceremony will be held on May 24th 2018 in the Castle of Otranto (Le) at 15:30 (Italian time). Please send an email ( to confirm the participation and the number of participants.


How to arrive

Otranto is a historic seaside town and port on the Adriatic coast of southern Italy, in the region of Puglia. The best airport for Otranto is Brindisi, Bari is another possibility. 

If you prefer to travel by train, you will have to reach the city of Lecce through the train services offered by the Ferrovie dello Stato. Once arrived at the train station in Lecce you will have to catch a train to Otranto, the service is offered by the Ferrovie del Sud Est (FSE). There are direct connections between Italy and Greece! You can visit this website: